Chump Car World Series at Lime Rock – 8/22/2015


Well, I have to say, the past 3 days have been some of the best in my life to date. From instructing a bunch of super fast racers in the Endurance Karting schools, to racing a Mazda Miata in the CHUMPCAR World Series, to taking laps in an 80mph go-kart, to making sure Endurance Karting’s 6 hour event ran smoothly with the crew; I’m not sure what else could have made these few days any better.

Having not raced in far too long, being able to get back in a race car and being able to perform competitively felt absolutely phenomenal. My 2.5 hours of track time in Mahatru’s 1993 Mazda Miata was full of passes, restarts, avoiding a driver losing his engine while behind him in the draft, avoiding a rouge tire, and most importantly, fast laps. Also, having the opportunity to run in an 80mph TopKart USA go-kart made for, by far, the most adrenaline pumping laps of my life.

We had some trouble with the race car on Thursday which took over an hour to address, therefore we were out of contention for the sort of result which we were looking to attain. However, I ran the fastest lap in the car on Thursday and the driving efforts from myself, Mahatru Krishnamurthy, and Dan Burke rocketed our standing from 36th on Thursday to 23rd by the end of Friday out of 53 drivers.

Thanks to all of the supporters, participants, and fans who made this weekend the best it could ever have been!

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